Monday, July 5, 2010

Bar Harbor FireWorks

The fireworks were amazing.  The show lasted for a solid 30 minutes.  Tons of people sat on the hill to get a great view.  We came half an hour before the show started and it was hard to find a spot.  It was nice that they turned off the street lights on the hill and on the pier so it was in complete darkness.  Also, we were only about 75 yards away from where they were being shot off.

There were so many people sitting on the hill looking out at the harbor.  I took this 30 minutes before the show started.  And lots more people kept coming! 

I know fireworks are fireworks and everyone has seen them, and know you know what they look like, but here are a few Bar Harbor fireworks shots I took last night.


  1. Jack, You took some awesome pictures of the fireworks in Bar Harbor. My photos usually look like balls of light. My family spent the 4th in Bethany Beach, DE watching the fireworks while sitting on the beach within hollering distance of where they were shot off. The ash floats off over the ocean and we get the wonderful light display. Keep writing. Loving the day to day activities log. Tell your Mom hi for me.
    Miss Janet (your Mom's friend from work)

  2. Fireworks are fireworks but good photography is hard to come by! These are great pictures!
    Mary in PA

  3. I don't know why the pictures aren't showing up anymore, sorry u missed them, they were awesome!