Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bar Harbor Updates

We've been having so much fun it's hard finding time to write these posts.  I'm going to try to somewhat catch up for yesterday when I did not post because of tiredness.

Here's the trip so far:

Day 1:
Yesterday Morning

We stopped for an early breakfast at Purple Cow about 90 miles from Bar Harbor.

The Purple Cow sign outside and Purple Cow picture directly inside.

They had great pancakes.  Except they were hard to finish because they were so big.  We just had to take a picture because they look unbelievable (even more so then the picture)!

They each were about as big as a plate!   

Here is the picture of the huge pancakes.

We had time to spend before we could go to our rental house, so we decided to go to Acadia National Park (5 minute drive from Bar Harbor) and walk down to the well known Thunder Hole.
I researched geocaches nearby and with the GPS tried to hopefully find a geocache.  This was not easy.  Loads of boulders everywhere and lots of places to look.

Here was the view of part of the walk down to Thunder Hole.

Day 2:

We took a shuttle from Bar Harbor to Jordan Pond and went hiking on a trail around the pond which was about 3.5 miles.  The water was very clear and you could see the rocks on the bottom for a good distance.

Picture during our hike.  We're about half way around Jordan Pond.
(My mom took this same photo of us six years ago when we last visited.)

Fireworks later tonight over the beautiful harbor.  I will try to post a picture and more about this tomorrow.


  1. Wow, I am so wishing I was there! It's gotten quite hot here in Maryland (again!), so enjoy the Maine coast. My favorite picture was the blueberry pancakes...

    Aunt Mary

  2. Hi Jack,
    We enjoyed the beautiful pictures of Acadia. We liked the photo of the big pancakes. It reminds us of the pancakes we had in Amsterdam. Yum!
    Mary and Ethan in PA

  3. Hi Jack,
    Maine looks beautiful! We've never been to Bar Harbor, but I think your blog and your photos are convincing me that we need to go! It sounds like you are already having a great time. Looking forward to reading more...