Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today I Was Mr. LawnBoy

                                                   Did I do a nice job on the lawn today?  Today I had to mow the lawn before we leave for vacation tomorrow.  Notice the crisscross pattern and naturally green grass.  Now the lawn will look good for my last day of the coffee stand this year.

I even tried to make a straight edge along our driveway.


  1. Only one more day? Its only July 1st. You can't stop now.

  2. Now that is one fine job there! Even mowing and straight edging. Hey, that picture makes your yard look like a finely manicured golf course! Your Dad is proud.

  3. Business Owner ... and Blogger ?! ... so that's what you've been up to! Hopefully you'll post some photos of Bar Harbor. Have fun! Tell the family I said hello. Mary in PA

  4. I love the criss-cross pattern and the edging along the driveway! Very professional. Have a great time in Bar Harbor! By the way, you will be driving right by Southborough on your way to Bar Harbor. I guess I missed you on your way up, but maybe you could stop by on your way back home?? You could have lunch at the "Secrist Cafe"!
    Looking forward to all the Bar Harbor updates,