Thursday, January 19, 2012

First semester exams finished after a long week

        Last Friday was my first high school exam ever.  I started off exam week with H. Spanish 2, then followed by a three day weekend.  After the short break, on Tuesday I took the H. US History exam, and got to leave early, right after the History exam, because I didn't have an exam for my fourth period class.  Wednesday was the hardest day for sure, with both H. English 9 and H. Geometry.  Followed by an easier Thursday with only the H. Biology exam left.

        The hardest for me was definitely English.  Not because I'm not the biggest fan of reading, well thats part of it, but it's how you only get two hours and they expect you to read two short stories, two poems, answer 40 SR questions, write a short BCR response and compose a four paragraph essay.  So with not much time, and it going so fast, it was very stressful, but before I new it, it was over.  I felt confident going into the exams that I would do well, because of reviewing and studying material before hand.  This first exam week has done a good job introducing me to what the end of each semester will be like for the next four years... A lot of stress.  That pretty much sums this up!


  1. English was my hardest, scraped by with a 91!

  2. You are so lucky! I think I got a B, i hate english