Thursday, December 29, 2011

Visiting NYC!

        NYC was great to visit for a couple days.  It didn't snow, and rained instead but maybe next year!  I was excited to take photos of the city being more photomistic.  I would have liked to take more than I did and can post here but instead of writing since photos tell 1000 words here are just a few of the photos I had taken:

Morning the day after Christmas not much traffic along the way.

In some cafe, taken with my new fisheye lens!

The 5th Ave. Apple Store, of course stopping here is a must!

In The American Museum of Natural History. Awesome
dino, same  one as filmed in the Night at The Museum!

Times Square

A map in Central Park of Central Park,
don't ask, I was bored!

The Dakota apartments, where John Lennon lived, taken from the
Strawberry Fields by John Lennon's Memorial

John Lennon's Imagine Memorial in the Strawberry Fields
of Central Park's Upper West Side across the street from the Dakota

Cafe Frida Mexican Restaurant for lunch

Dessert Crepes!!!

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