Thursday, August 4, 2011

Asticou Terraces -The Garden of Wonders

        Another day with on and off rain. So a car trip was more than perfect.  Near Seal Cove there was a short little hike to a lovely garden.  Great more nature photos!  It was good but raining, I still got pictures.  The Northeast Harbor was visible from above and it was a great nature walk.  Just one flower picture I took (right) and just one of the many great garden angles (below).  More photos in the NATURE page above!!!


  1. Hello Jack & Family,
    Awesome catching up on your trip via the blog. Looks like a nice relaxing time up there and the photos are terrific - really like your new Nature tab. If you still have any photos from the day we climbed the rocks (our team building adventure!) please send some my way. Have a safe journey home, everybody. Aunt Mary in PA

  2. Yes, Bar Harbor was awesome! A lot of fun, and OK weather. Just a little rain! Mom still has some pictures she will send to you. I only took a few and I don't think they really turned out. Also you guys still have to come over so hopefully something will work out!