Sunday, June 27, 2010

What To Do With That Old iPhone

If your'e thinking about purchasing a new iPhone 4 what becomes of that old iPhone? I’m guessing it becomes an iPod Touch. A GPS. But will there be any problems syncing it after setting up the new iPhone 4?

As soon as you activate the new iPhone, the old iPhone will indeed behave like an iPod touch. It's body will just be a little bigger. You will hook it into your Mac or Windows PC and, same as before, you will be able to sync all media, personal information, and apps to it. It wouldn't be able to make or receive calls, send or receive TXT/SMS messages, or do any data browsing over EDGE or 3G connectivity.

If you only want to use it as a GPS don't buy a voice plan, just a data plan. In the app store you can find many GPS apps, you can download. These apps will work over the AT&T network (unless unlocked) and you will be able to get directions, current location, and other cool features.

But you will still have an additional option.

1) Pass it along. Share the wealth and give your old iPhone to a deserving friend, relative, or institution? After you have your iPhone 4 set up properly you need to delete the data on your old iPhone. The person you give the phone to will then set it up as a new iPhone or brand new if they’re not an AT&T customer or as a transfer account if they already have that AT&T account.

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