Friday, June 25, 2010

A Coffee Stand Disaster

Going on 3 years of running a coffee stand curbside nothing disastrous had ever happened. As usual I borrowed 2 coffee carafes from relatives to use to keep the coffee hot. Well yesterday was a disaster. I woke up as usual at 5:25am and brewed the daily first pot of coffee. Soon after that my mom saw business was picking up and brewed a second pot. When ready I quickly ran up and back making sure not to miss any potential customers. Customers kept coming. Another. And another. HHmmm looks like a third pot is needed. Well it's 9:00 time to pack up for the morning. So I gather materials and carefully toss used napkins and coffee trash into the messy cooler. I pick up both coffee carafes and begin to step down off the storm-drain platform I use as a surface for the stand. SPLAT.... there goes both carafes I was using. It happened like that very quickly. They were crushed to bits inside. Completely unusable. Worst part, they weren't even mine. Now, of course this was not supposed to happen!


  1. This is a very fancy blogspot! Can't wait to read more posts. Glad that the disaster is behind you now. Good luck with sales this next week!

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  3. Hi Jack! So sorry about the coffee disaster! The good news is that it sounds like your business is booming. I hope that replacing the carafes won't take too much of your profits. I guess that's one of the risks of being such and entrepreneur! Wish we had a coffee stand like yours around here. If we lived on a busier street, I could set up a franchise (although I'm not sure I could get up at 5:25 every day!).
    Keep up the good work,
    Dede (Aunt Mary's sister in Massachusetts)

  4. Geez, I used to be so immature:

    "oh yeah

    your friend


    Ahh, 2010 memories!