Friday, September 9, 2011

First Weeks Of High School

        High school has kicked off with a busy start like always, when you start school.  All my teachers and new friends are very nice.  At Sherwood we have a 7 block day.  I have before school time, periods 1-4, Lunch, 5-7, then XC practice.  I arrive in the morning at 6:50 and have about 1/2 hour to do HW, see teachers, friends, etc. Off to 1st, which I am taking Spanish 2.  After Spanish 2 I get to have some fun in Guitar!  Great class, I even met a super cool football running back, a senior named Fernando! He's really nice.  I even saw him play in Sherwood's first varsity game against Quince Orchard (That was last week!).  At the end of guitar are the daily morning announcements, and sometimes they have them broadcast over their TV network!  I have US History and PE next... those classes are ok, but not my favorite though.  PE feels too short, and history isn't my strength.  Lunch is 45 mins.  We have a lot of time to eat with friends, and to go see teachers for help or visit the media center.  The media center is awesome and they even have MP3 and Kindles to use!  After lunch I have English... my teacher in this class is really cool, but she expects a lot.  We already have been assigned the book, Of Mice and Men, to read the first chapters of over the weekend!  Already have we done much research on the happenings of that time period (1920s, 30s great depression and all).  Geometry is cool with Mr. Key.  He is very upbeat and keeps the class moving through lessons fast, while still getting the point across.  He has an excellent rhythm for his class that is perfect for learning, and is really fun.  He runs a great class and is definitely one of my favorite teachers, especially the best I've had for any math course.  My last period of the day is Biology.  It's right down the hall from Geometry so luckily I don't have to go all the way across the school, or downstairs!  This class is funny... because Mrs. Erdman and Ms. Deitz have a great sense of humor, making for a great learning mood for the class, which is needed because of the amount of work, and assignments, quizzes, and homework they give.  It's probably the hardest class, but Biology is fun so far!
        After this typical day I make it to the locker room, for XC and then to study hall with everyone from XC, were we get homework completed!  Practice after this homework time is a few hours, ending a busy day for me at slightly past five o' clock!  I was going to have my Magruder XC Meet today, and it would have been my first real meet, but no... it's canceled because of the days of rain! So, no meet... but that doesn't stop the spirit.  With a few of the seniors and the coaches thinking a little, they come up with three teams, splitting up, with various runners on each team.  We had a scrimmage, right here on Sherwood's XC course.  Since we all needed a little competition, that's what we got, a team scrimmage to end the week!


  1. Wow. I'm exhausted just reading your post. Sounds like you are off to a great start at Sherwood, though. Hope to be able to see you run a cross country race sometime this fall.

  2. Geez. Severna Park. Four 84 minute classes and only 30 min for lunch. Lucky to be you! lol