Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cross Country at SHS

       I've started running this summer at morning summer practices in preparation for cross country in the fall.  I actually started two weeks ago but posting on this blog isn't the first thing I'm always thinking about.  Well it is a lot of fun!  I never thought it would be this easy to fit in and run.  If you've ran before you know what I mean after the first few weeks its not that bad.  It is a group of about 20-25 runners that go to these summer practices and everyone is so nice and friendly.  Anyway around here there are great courses and paths for running on and things couldn't be better!  It is great!


  1. That's awesome Jack! It's great that you are enjoying summer Cross Country and good luck this fall.

  2. The best thing I did in high school was join the cross country team. We were the Running Lady Pirates. My high school coach is still coaching. If you have some time, check out this link: http://archive.dyestatcal.com/?pg=usEastbayCoachoftheWeek07XCDoherty&PHPSESSID=30276b00c94b97ef66e79fb183472f32 When he talks about the walking runners back in 1978, one of them was me! But once you make it through a season of cross country, you'll know you can do anything.

    So glad you are enjoying it and making new friends. I guess I'll have to cheer for both SPHS and SHS this year!

  3. You are off to an excellent start! Keep it up :)