Monday, July 19, 2010

Sailing Camp

Today was my first day of sailing camp.  This is my first sailing camp ever and really my first sailing experience by myself.  I am sailing a Club 420.  It is from 9:00 to noon at the Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis.  In my class there are 12 students and 2 instructors named, Fletcher and Melissa.  We didn't do much sailing today but we did go out on the water for a quick swim test and a capsizing drill.  It was really hard to right the boat using the correct scoop recovery method, involving climbing on the centerboard,  to upright the boat and scoop the other sailor in.

Internet photo of scoop recovery method, but you can picture me pulling the boat upright.


  1. Jack,

    Sounds like a really great place. Hope you learned a lot today.

    So when you swoop the other sailor into a capsized boat, how do you then get in?

    Love Aunt Mary

  2. Once the scooped sailor is in they pull you in.

  3. Sailing! That sounds fun. I have never even been on a sailboat. We may be going canoeing when we are on vacation in Iowa. That's about the closest to sailing that we will get this summer. It would probably be useful for us to know how to get a capsized canoe upright!

    Hope the rest of the camp is going well!