Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Me on the Water

I was followed by my mom and sister today when they went and took an adventure on the dorky Annapolis Harbor Queen trying to take photos of me sailing.  For being so far away from me it was impressive they figured out which boat I was on and that they managed to take a few nice pictures.

I'm in boat 2 as the crew, wearing the blue life jacket.

And same here in this photo.  Also in boat #2.


  1. Jack,

    Great pictures! Hope your teeth extractions won't interfere with the rest of sailing camp and that you recover soon. You'll never be able to see a sailboat again without wishing you were sailing. See you next week in Maryland.

    Love, Aunt Mary

  2. Wow! Look at all those boats. I would definitely be crashing! It looks like you've got this sailing thing figured out. Keep having fun!