Monday, July 12, 2010

Boston Adventures

We had a blast walking around Boston.  We took the "T" from the Cambridge hotel into Boston.  Also took a freedom trail tour of the many historical sites in Boston.  Driving out of Boston we passed many awesome places like Beacon Hill, the Public Gardens and Fenway Park.

Not your normal 7-Eleven.  7-Eleven in Beacon Hill.  You don't see that everyday.


  1. Hope you got your free slurpee from that 7-11 on Sunday (7/11)!

    So glad you had a wonderful trip to New England. Now it's back to Maryland heat and humidity!

    Aunt Mary

  2. Well, that proves it! I guess we do have 7-Elevens here in MA. If I don't find one closer in the meantime, I can take the boys to Beacon Hill next July for their free slurpees!