Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The NOOKS newly lowered prices have made it more affordable for me.  I just got a NOOK and am excited to use it on vacation and for early morning reading.  I also got a case that protects it nicely and has a wonderful feel.  I'm excited to read the Bar Harbor newspapers electronically and explore in the vast electronic library of many choices.  It has many features i'm still finding out about.  Check out NOOK for yourself.

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  1. Jack,

    I've been checking out your blog(s) and I don't know where to comment because there are so many posts!!! I was away in North Carolina for just two days, and the Cattail Creek Chronicles (and Cattail Creek Cafe blog) seems to be overflowing its banks! You may want to give up your Coffee Stand for a job in a computer/electronics store. You definitely seem to be better versed in the gadgets than some of the folks I've asked for help at Best Buy and even the Apple Store. Keep up the great work!

    Aunt Mary